Gates 14:00, “We need microformats”

Bill Gates and microformats

Ok, so that’s not exactly how it went down, but Tantek was there and heard it from Capt Bill himself.

If you happen to tune into the Mix ’06 keynote, at around the 14 minute mark, Bill does indeed refer to something that, gee, goes by “microformat” in more savvy circles. And then later on, said:

We need microformats and to get people to agree on them. It is going to bootstrap exchanging data on the Web…

…we need them for things like contact cards, events, directions…

So if you’ve been playing along at home, welcome to the future kids. Microsoft is waking up, is back in the game and ready to deliver some serious innovation. Can open source continue its onslaught against the once great software juggernaut or will it continue to stutter in areas like user experience, graphics technology and hell, its exclusive, elite, Eurogeekwhitetrash bourgeoisie culture that keeps girls (and other minorities) out? (And yes, the speaker acknowledges his privilege as an educated white male.)

One thing is for sure — it’s shaping up to be a very interesting time in the browser space after all.


  1. at 7pm on Mar 20th # |

    QA guy here, 14:00 in the title, to a non-American will look like fourteen hundred hours. Us Americans and our 12 hour clocks.

  2. Daniel said
    at 4am on Mar 21st # |

    Non-American here, even the “fourteen hundred hours” bit didn’t reach me. No clue what it meant.

    At all.

  3. FactoryJoe said
    at 9am on Mar 21st # |

    So, “Gates: 14:00″ is a joke, like “Austin 3:16″. The 14:00 refers to the timestamp in the keynote in which Gates refers to abstractly to microformats. It has nothing do with timezones, 24-hour clocks or anything else! :P

  4. at 5pm on Mar 28th # |

    I know it referred to the time stamp in the keynote.

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