Announcing: Barcamp San Francisco

Barcamp San Francisco

Couldn’t wait any longer to get this one outta the bag… but based on some prodding from Kevin Burton at ETech and Paul D Smith on the Barcamp wiki, I’d like to announce that Barcamp is coming to San Francisco June 24-25, to coincide with Kevin Werbach’s Supernova.

Now, there a coupla cool bonuses I want to mention. First, the Tuesday before Supernova we’ll be having another Mash Pit in San Francisco. Venue TBD, but I’ll be looking into France Telecom’s space again or possibly prodding Adaptive Path.

The night of the Mash Pit we’ll be having some kind of geektacular Microformats 1-year Anniversary party. Dunno about where, but following Mash Pit, that’s what we’ll be doin’. Ask Tantek.

On Wednesday, Supernova starts and goes through Friday. At the close of Kevin’s event, we’ll have the traditional Barcamp Social Kick-off party somewhere in the city… figure around 8pm — with everyone from ‘nova invited.

Saturday we kick it off around 10am, doin’ the whole Barcamp thing, finishing out sometime around 4pm on Sunday. Phew!

Now I should make it clear that the primary instigators of this weeklong fete include both me and Tantek… with the full support of the Supernova crew. We’re looking to make these events as complementary and mutually supportive as possible and to that end, will be working together tightly to make sure that as many folks as possible get a chance to participate one way or another. Mash Pit and Barcamp will remain free as always (donations welcome!) and if you’re in town for Supernova anyway, well, you now have any excuse to come a little early and stay a bit longer.

Definitely; this is gunna be fun.


  1. David said
    at 7am on Apr 20th # |

    whats the wiki password? :-)

  2. FactoryJoe said
    at 8am on Apr 20th # |

    David: c4mp

  3. Jumbo Whales said
    at 10am on Apr 20th # |

    While your event might be “complimentary” (free as in donated beer), SuperNova sure ain’t. I think you meant to say “complementary”

  4. Matt said
    at 12pm on Apr 20th # |

    This is going on at the same time as BloggerCon IV? You guys should really coordinate, there is a lot of overlap in the audiences.

  5. Tantek said
    at 2pm on Apr 20th # |

    Matt, as one of the founders and organizers of the first BarCamp in Palo Alto, it would be great to have you back as a BarCampPlanner for BarCampSanFrancisco. Definitely add yourself to the Planners list on the BarCampSanFrancisco wiki page. We’re probably going to start with a local wifi cafe meetup or two to kick off the planning so stay tuned!

    And anyone else that wants to stand shoulder to shoulder as equals as a BarCamp planner and help out, we’d love to have you! Check out the BarCampSanFrancisco wiki page and sign up!



  6. FactoryJoe said
    at 9pm on Apr 20th # |

    Jumbo — thanks! Will change.

    Matt — in the works. Will see if we can all just get a long. I’m not an ambassador for nuthin’, right?

  7. JD Lasica said
    at 10pm on Apr 20th # |

    Sounds great, gents. June’s gonna be hoppin’!

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