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For quite some time I’d wanted to start a Microformats news blog, that would talk in more plain terms about microformats, acting as a sister to the Practical Microformats wiki, preserving the Microformats dot org blog for technical news and discussions. Of course I never got around to it and instead have used my blog or postings to the microformats-discuss list to spread news of new adoptions or implementations.

Now, however, it seems that John Allsopp (of Westciv fame) has picked up the ball with Microformatique — covering all things regarding “data at the edges”. On top of that, there have been a number of good articles and posts recently worth a read:

Meanwhile, I figured I would finally release some icons I did for Tantek awhile back. Nothing special, but might be useful for some. And if you’ve got microformats icons, please post’em to the wiki!


  1. at 12pm on Aug 29th # |


    Thanks so much for adding my site to this wonderful list.

  2. at 2pm on Aug 29th # |

    Thanks for the nice words Chris, and them icons is sweet. Are you going to license them with a CC license?


  3. Josh Peek said
    at 3pm on Aug 29th # |

    We need to organize a “Microformats Support Army” to go around to sites and knock on there doors and get them supporting Microformats.

    Fred Stutzman pulled a stunt that got MicroID noticed at flickr. (http://blog.claimid.com/2006/06/microid-and-social-webs-of-trust/)

  4. at 2pm on Aug 30th # |

    Great j0rb on the icons.

    But .icns?

    Where’s the source, Luke? Even Matt hooked up up w/his.


  5. at 4pm on Aug 30th # |

    They look nice (although a bit anonymous which seems to defeat the purpose).

    Good to use though – for a guy. :)

  6. at 7pm on Aug 30th # |

    @John: yup, as stated on the wiki, they’re released under a CC license.

    @Josh: agreed.

    @Chip: fair enough. The hcard designs are actually ripped off from Apple’s Address Book cards with custom mods… The MF icon came from simplebitsdan. I just cleaned it up and iconized it.

    @Nicole: Thanks… I think? ;) But yeah, they are a bit anonymous — would be good to get some real designer on the case!

  7. at 8pm on Aug 30th # |

    I actually would just leave the picture out.
    For me the card presents ‘information’ and with feed, that is kind of clear. As with address, perhaps something in the background indicating the kind of information (very transparent and a plus sign.

    But then again, my dearest brother always said I should not try to do design. ;)

    (The man on the picture thing though bothers me a lot more each time I look at it.)

  8. at 6am on Sep 3rd # |

    Maybe the MF icon would fit in the card itself better than the man? I’m also sort of afraid of the licencing issues as the original card and plus sign artwork are copyrighted by Apple if I’m not mistaken. There might be alternatives in the OS/CC world for these.

  9. at 6am on Sep 3rd # |

    Maby the “contact-new” from Tango Projcet (http://tango.freedesktop.org/Tango_Icon_Gallery) would work? It is far less familiar than the OSX one, but should be “without string attached”…

  10. at 8am on Sep 3rd # |

    Hey Jan,

    I agree. I do need clean artwork — and as such I’ve asked a friend or two to start work on a new icon set just for microformats.

    Not sure how long it will take, but I do take your point!

  11. at 2pm on Sep 11th # |

    Great to hear! Looking forward to them. It could be a nice standard as e.g. the RSS icons. Good work.

  12. at 5am on Sep 15th # |


    The convo has turned ‘techy’ on my post here about Microformats for the Non-technical. I don’ have the ability to answser some of these comments (a great one from Michael), could you take a look?


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