Making microformats even more visible

Leftlogic Bookmarklet

Hot on the heals of Jon Hick’s CSS work, the folks at Left Logic have created a cool bookmarklet for revealing microformats in situ

I took their work one step further, uploaded the script to my server (to prevent malicious activity only) and made it possible for you to run the script on any page of my site, just by clicking the microcontent link in the footer. It’s still a bit buggy, but this work proves ever more the value of marking up your visible data in a way that makes it machine readable.

Bonus link: Sam Sethi points out Dealtagger — another hListing-based search engine!


  1. at 7pm on Sep 25th # |

    woah dude, those are some l33t friends you’ve got ;)

  2. Dactura said
    at 8am on Oct 4th # |

    It borke for me. Using FF

    Error: urchinTracker is not defined
    http://factoryjoe… (line 566)
    nullhttp://factoryjoe… (line 566)

    Oh! I see why it broke – I was using it on the home page where there are no microformats. Do I get a prize for finding a bug? :-)

    I hope you make all your work available for us to use.

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