iTunes 7.0.2 fixes VolumeLogic compatibility

VolumeLogic returns!

Sweet!! Today’s iTunes update restores compatibility with VolumeLogic, my most favoritest audio enhancer!

Sadly iTunes 7 broke the plugin and Plantronics has been working on a beta since then, but it looks like it’ll be no longer necessary!

Tip: If you want to get it to work without skipping, make sure that you disable iTunes’ Sound Enhancer (you won’t need it anyway) in the Playback preferences.


  1. Chris said
    at 4pm on Nov 2nd # |


  2. Aaron said
    at 8pm on Jan 11th # |

    Doesn’t work for me still.
    You seem to be the only one who’s gotten it work with iTunes 7.
    What’s the story????


  3. at 8pm on Jan 11th # |

    Well, it worked and then when I rebooted it stopped working, so I apparently spoke too soon. That said, I’ve gotten my hands on a beta that works sometimes, but rather erratically. I really hope they fix this soon — it’s absurd that it’s taking so long!

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