Ask and yee shall receive: FlickrBooth


Nearly a year ago, I asked for someone to hack Photo Booth so that I could upload photos directly to Flickr. This would be useful at BarCamps, parties and, well, anywhere else that you wanted to speed up the capture-to-Flickr process.

Turns out that Tristan O’Tierney, a self-proclaimed Mac Geek, has finally built the solution, which he calls FlickrBooth.

I tried it out and not only does it work as described, but it’s mind-numbingly easy to install and start using.


  1. jessica said
    at 5pm on Dec 13th # |

    Oh, this is too fab for words. Yay!

  2. Judson said
    at 7pm on Dec 13th # |

    That thar is a picture for myspace! :P.

    Seriously awesome if you have photobooth.

  3. Mike M said
    at 8am on Dec 14th # |

    That there plugin is awesome… Thanks for sharing!

  4. at 9am on Dec 14th # |

    Hey Chris,

    Are you the guy at BarCamp SF who was asking Karl and I to do this plugin? That’s where I got the idea. Been in the back of my head for awhile and I finally got time to do the plugin during one of Yahoo!’s internal Hack day events (24 hour coding spree to work on whatever you want).

  5. Steffen said
    at 10am on Dec 14th # |

    Love it – great app!

  6. Jake said
    at 8am on Dec 22nd # |

    Hot damn this thing is cool! Thanks for the heads up!