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In celebration of the release of WordPress 2.1 and Akismet 2.0 (okay, so it’s not like a major point release, but still…) I thought I’d put out a fancy-schmancy WordPress icon for your downloading pleasure.

I’ve included various size icons as well as the Photoshop and lllustrator sources, oh and a Mac icon file as well.


  1. adam said
    at 6am on Jan 24th # |


    for those of us not tied to the adobe machine, any chance you could kick out an eps/wmf/something that’s not illustrator?

  2. Brad said
    at 7pm on Jan 24th # |

    Great work, Chris.

  3. Perun said
    at 9am on Jun 25th # |

    Hi Chris,

    the Link to the photoshop file doesn’t work.

  4. Funka! said
    at 4pm on Sep 8th # |

    The three links to “various size icons” are all turning up 404’s… :-(

  5. at 4pm on Sep 14th # |

    @Funka!: I’ve fixed the links. Thanks for the report!

  6. at 6am on Nov 25th # |

    Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.

  7. andy böh said
    at 2pm on Jan 13th # |

    Thanks for the great icons. I’ll love them an i will use them on my website.

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