David Recordon joins Facebook

David Recordon joins Facebook

Cats outta the bag now (thanks to @joshelman), but my collaborator and friend David Recordon has left Six Apart (for the second time — after leaving VeriSign almost exactly two years ago) and has joined Facebook.

Facebook is on a tear lately, hiring a number of smart, energetic and most of all — hungry — folks.

Recordon is only the latest in a series of hires, and in the mix, I expect that he’ll continue doing the good work he’s been doing during his time at Six Apart.

Dave and I have helped put on an occasionally-neglected show for the past year called TheSocialWeb.tv with Joseph Smarr and John McCrea. Notably we started the show in July 2008 with an episode on Facebook’s refusal to share the contact information of Robert Scoble’s friends (so-called “Scoblegate”). It seems fitting that after much work opening up Facebook over the past year (Zuckerberg has said that 2009 is an important strategic year for Facebook Connect and Platform) that Dave would join as their Senior Open Programs Manager.

Then again, maybe Facebook felt particularly fond of his statement in March on O’Reilly Radar that Facebook will become the most open social network on the social web.

I tend to agree — though that reality will only come true if Facebook manages to continue to churn the soil of a generation more open than any that has come before. Of course, given that Recordon was born in 1986, I think he’s on the cusp of the generation BF and AF: Before Facebook and After Facebook.

Here’s looking to good things — and maybe some sexier slides the next time we put on a workshop together.

4 thoughts on “David Recordon joins Facebook”

  1. Sincere congratulations to David!

    …Yoda quotes about “going to the Darkside” redacted!


  2. Facebook did good here. Hopefully we will be able to get our data out of Facebook too with David on the case 😉

  3. in the spirit of “openness”, looking forward to david introducing a button somewhere inside facebook that allows a user to appropriately download their data and port to another social network if they please

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