Video of my talk: “Identity is the Platform”

I’ve posted the video that Brynn shot of my talk. Slides are available here.

Of course, it’s purely coincidental that I used Pownce to illustrate my story of the “death of a web app”, since it was relaunched yesterday at TypePad Motion — without any of the relationships that were lost when the service shut down.

8 thoughts on “Video of my talk: “Identity is the Platform””

  1. Hi, and thanks for an awesome talk! I was attending MindTrek myself and regret not coming to talk to you up in person back then. I’m studying interaction design at Tampere University of Applied Sciences and have become increasingly interested in social media in the past few years of my studies, so I was quite inspired by your visions of the future of OpenID. We are clearly starting to see several standards emerging around the social web, and I hope that they will address these issues in some way. Would you happen to have any sorts of advice for media students like me who are interested in working with the upcoming field of sociality in the web?

    Just an observation, the Facebook app Nexus that you used for providing a visualization of your social networks has recently been shut down as well (

  2. Combining your ID is the Platform ‘logic’ with the concept of Social ‘Objects’, along the lines of Jyri’s thinking, we find ourselves on the cusp of a powerful evolutionary paradigm that get’s us away from our current ‘appcentric’ there-is-an-app-for-that mentality and model.

    Lots to think about and do.

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