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What I like about Facebook’s “openness”

Let’s get something straight: in my last post, I didn’t say that Facebook was evil. Careful readers would understand that I said that funneling all user authentication (and thus the storage of all identities) through a single provider would be evil. I don’t care who that provider might be — but centralizing so much control […]

Google Buzz and the fabric of the social web

When I joined the company a month ago, I was baited with the promise that Google was ready to get serious about the social web. Yesterday’s launch of Google Buzz and the fledgling Google Buzz API is like a downpayment on what I see as Google’s broader social web ambitions, that have been bubbling beneath […]

Designing for the gut

This post has been translated to Belorussian by Patricia Clausnitzer. I want you to watch this video from a recent Sarah Palin rally (hat tip: Marshall Kirkpatrick). It gives us “who” I’m talking about. While you could chalk up the effect of the video to clever editing, I’ve seen similar videos that suggest that the […]