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Two tastes better together: Combining OpenID and OAuth with OpenID Connect

Update: Einar Solbakken has translated this post to Danish. On Friday, David Recordon, one of the original authors of OpenID, released a single-page specification for OpenID Connect, a concept that I outlined on this blog in January before I joined Google. I’m particularly excited about this early proposal because it builds on all the great […]

Two interviews on the open web from SXSW

You must have an HTML5-capable browser to watch this video. You may also download this video directly. Funny how timing works out, but two interviews that I gave in March at SXSW have just been released. The first — an interview with Abby Johnson for WebProNews — was recorded after my ActivityStreams talk and is […]

What I like about Facebook’s “openness”

Let’s get something straight: in my last post, I didn’t say that Facebook was evil. Careful readers would understand that I said that funneling all user authentication (and thus the storage of all identities) through a single provider would be evil. I don’t care who that provider might be — but centralizing so much control […]