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Social media versus Oil Can Henry’s

It’s the banal that determines whether social media will succeed in the mainstream, and today I had an experience that I think demonstrates how far away we are from achieving the the ubiquitously useful social media experience we deserve. Specifically, I got my oil changed. The epitome of banal, right? Yeah, except, see, I don’t […]

The social agent, part 3: Follow

This is the third part of the five part Mozilla Labs Concept Series on Online Identity. This post introduces and examines the “Follow” verb as a more modern and flexible approach to “subscribing” to information — information of any kind: people, sites, social objects and anything with a stream or feed. Other entries in the […]

Designing hashtags for emergency response

I’ve been moved by the devastation wrought by the Haitian earthquake. It’s simply impossible to fathom, with death toll estimates hitting 200,000. In comparison, the Indonesian tsunami of 2004 killed nearly 230,000 people — placing it fourth among the world’s deadliest earthquakes. To give some perspective to those numbers, the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 killed […]