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I, for one, welcome our half-human, half-robot overlords in the cloud

I suppose every now and then you run up against some kind of technological experience and think, “Wow, that’s amazing.” This doesn’t happen to me all that often. I’m so enmeshed in technology and the web that by the time some technology is deployed deep enough in the wild that I randomly encounter it, it’s […]

Flywheels and spinning plates

Photo by Mike Sweeney and shared under Creative Commons license. Interesting conversation tonight with Greg Wolff and his wife about capturing social capital as a dynamic kind of “currency”. I didn’t follow the discussion in its entirely, but going off on my own tangent, I did come up with a rather interesting framing of the […]

The atmosphere of community

Photo shared by Glenn Letham under a Creative Commons License. Was thinking over the Digg and Flickr hub bubs and had an observation. For one thing, Kathy Sierra’s mediocrity index comes to mind — where you’re either at both ends of being loved and hated (to greater and lesser degrees) or you’re in the middle, […]