Spreading Firefox viral style

Firefox makes everything look betterA while back a project was thunk up to do a viral video marketing campaign for Firefox. The original idea was something like MoveOn’s Bush in Thirty Seconds, but that idea was scrapped when it turned out MozEurope already had something setup with guerilla marketing firm Pozz.

Well, it’s finally landed and I have to say, it’s pretty damn clever. How do you spread a browser? Certainly not by showing it! Let people’s reactions do the convincing. I mean, when was the last time you ate a cell phone by accident?


P.S. And it appears to be getting quite a bit of press in Europe and around the web. Sweet.

P.P.S. SpreadFirefox also apparently hit 100,000 users but you wouldn’t know it because of the weird changes they’ve been making to th design and content of the site. I think Robert Wiblin’s got it right (third comment): “Now if only spreadfirefox.com actually did more things and kept itself updated it would be a really useful resource!” Patience… yes… patience.

Harrison Bergeron cited in case against capping taxes

The future of educationIt seems like my good friend Harrison Bergeron is being invoked in an effort to increase school funding allocation in Kansas. School advocates contend that funding is inadequate and unevenly distributed across rich and poor districts. As such is the case, posit that “capping local taxes on schools [is] unconstitutional” and handicaps students’ abilities to receive a decent education.

But apparently aside from the well-written brief that the students’ lawyers prepared, Vonnegut suggests that they didn’t quite get the story: “It’s about intelligence and talent, and wealth is not a demonstration of either one.”.

“Kansas is apparently handicapping schoolchildren, no matter how gifted and talented, with lousy educations if their parents are poor,” he said.

State attorneys had a curious rebuttal to the effort to lift the caps: “I would classify this as the Johnson County viewpoint of the world,” Rupe said. “This kind of viewpoint exists when there is not adequate funding for all schools,” he said.

Hmm. So you’re suggesting that because there is inadequate funding for education, people have unenlightened views? Really… you don’t say.

Google acquires my life

Google and Dodgeball joins forces!A short while ago my roommate Andy turned me on to a service called Dodgeball. It’s basically a social networking app that sends you SMS’s from your peeps when they’re bored looking to hang out and in your general vicinity. Or as Corante says, it helps “coordinate social interactions”. Like ad hoc blind dating, but with people you know.

So it turns out that they’re being aquired by Google. Wait what?

Oh that’s right… when you hook up Google Maps, Google Reviews and a mobile-social component like Dodgeball, you basically own my life. Toss in a ridefinder, another SMS answer service and cell-phone accessible price lookups and geez, why would I ever go home again?

From now on, I can putt along knowing exactly where I am, how much things cost, what the best movies and restaurants are, have transportation and be able to ping my friends with where and when I’ll be someplace.

All on Google’s …free… services.

Ah huh.

Ok, so just get me a new Apple iPhone and my life is yours, baby!

More tasty spam

Yellow spam shirtSeriously, the more spam I take the time to really read and consider, the more worthwhile it is. Consider this gem:

you incoherent me decisionmake me you swallow me hank me you dissociate me vegetable me you commonweal me check me
you sabra me shaggy me you convolute me repetitious me you barbell me monterey me you abe me harpoon me

I mean, this is probably just as good as any old Nirvana track.

Update: Another tasty morsel arrived!

companion studied
news letters embarrass thats
promised reply human friends how

It’s been one hulluva week

One of those weeksWhat can I say other than it’s just been one of those weeks? I can’t even characterize it so much as sense the depth of the changes happening in and around me. Nor can I chalk it up to any singular thing, there’s just a lot goin’ on!

So first off, lemme give props to Matty Mullenweg, for topping 200K downloads of WordPress, the software the powers this very blog. 200K. That’s just friggin’ sweet.

Moments before and in no way diminishing Matty’s accomplishment, Firefox hit the big 50 mil. Even if the quality of design at Spread Firefox seems to tanking since I left, I’m really proud to have been part of the effort to get the word out about the Fox. And having a hand in the launch of the rather successful syndicated download counter thing feels pretty tasty too (to use an Ericism.) Oh, and it seems SFX just hit the 99,000 member mark. Day-mn…

Ok, so other schtuff.

Well, I’m deep into rewriting my CivicSpace themes from the ground up, gutting all my previous code and aiming at a consistent codebase. I still don’t know how big a project this is and I’m having some trouble keeping focus on it. The good news is, this overhaul will have very positive results, both for CivicSpace, Drupal and, I hope, themers in general. We shall see.

In other news, my nascent work on SpreadOpenOffice seems to have suffered a bit of a blow, with one of the originators of the project being blown off by the OOo proper folks. I mean, it never makes me happy to see people fight, and it makes me even less so when having seemingly silly disputes over apparent falsehoods. I mean, Charles Schulz’s line “It is a very smart attempt to fork the community.” just seems preposterous. In an all the discussions about this effort I’ve been privy to, it’s never seemed like an effort to fork anything… The way I see it, if the OOo community doesn’t develop a way to harness the efforts of its grassroots supporters, there’ll eventually be more forks than a UN dinner party anyway…

So while I have a few other related projects going on, none warrant much discussion… except the nascent SpreadCC discussion and SpreadButter

…which is, mind you, yet another CivicSpace site. Speaking of… this week was probably one of the most tumultuous for us so far. But I’m not too worried; from adversity and conflict usually springs innovation and clarity, which is precisely what we’re in need of. I’m willing to give it some time and see what happens, but between balancing theming, module improvement, Drupal development, relationship building, promotional efforts, and business model planning, it’s been a helluva week.

Oh, and in the meantime, the Web 2.0 arrived. Backpack, Rojo, and hmm… something else… all launched… Firefox got SVG, Tiger finally dropped and… oh yeah, I moved (which has nothing to do with anything).

I forget what I was going to write next. But oh yeah, it’s really been one helluva week.

The full dish on the “Always Use Protection” poster

Always Use Protection PosterIt’s fascinating how much of a treasure trove of interesting historical tidbits the silverorange intranet is. After all, that’s where the birth of the “Always Use Protection” poster occurred. And since there has been a lot of mystery surrounding the project, I thought I’d set some facts straight.
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