Bar Camp Portland, aka RecentChangesCamp

rcc logoFollowing WikiSym2005 we agreed to convene a wiki BarCamp in Portland Oregon in early 2006 to provide yet another great space for the community to gather for work and play! We’re using OpenSpaceTechnology to create an event that is as open and accessible as possible. We chose the first part of 2006 in order to complement Wikimania2006 (middle of 2006) and WikiSym2006 (end of 2006).

rcc: Camp

Apparently being organized by Brandon CS Sanders and with help from Eugene Eric Kim, I’m sure this will be a very well organized camp. That and Ward Cunningham, the father of wikis (and my good buddy), will be there. Sounds like this will be a stellar event.

Flock on the BBC

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Here is why Flock is interesting: over the past two years, the way we use the internet has started to change.

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | Internet Part II: Return of the geeks?

There you have it. The BBC’s Paul Mason sums up the reasons why Flock makes sense.

Of course, it’s really not that simple. Firefox does and will continue to be the best browser around for most people. But for those who want a little more – who want to use the browser to directly engage with the people and ideas they encounter on the web – maybe Flock can help make that process a little easier and a bit more exciting.

Anh, we’ll see.

Bar Camp Amsterdam, the Movie

Katie from Amsterdam has posted the first BCA movie:

OK, so I made another terrible movie, aah, really need some new skills!  Anyway, it’s a rather warped view of Barcamp Amsterdam last week condensed into under 2 minutes. It was a lot of fun and a lot better than it looks…

Download (2489K)

From Katie’s Vlog : Barcamp Amsterdam the movie

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Bar Camp gains a sponsor, gets design, spreads

Flickr PhotoChris Pirillo of LockerGnome and has stepped up as a Bar Camp Amsterdam sponsor:

I’ve also informed Chris Messina that we’ll be giving our support to BarCamp Amsterdam as well. Why? Because even if I can’t be there in person, I can be there in spirit. Both Gnomedex and are fueled by the greater community, so we (in turn) are fueling them.

Here a Camp, There a Camp (Chris Pirillo)

It’s this kind of community support that makes these events not only possible to organize, but enables us to offer them for free. While the logistics of arranging and planning big conferences like Web2.0 and EuroOSCON certainly have historically had large costs associated with them, it’s really very inspiring to be able to, from thousands of miles away, organize a microconference that costs little less than the time, attenion and dedication of a few wired (or mostly wireless!) folks.

We’ve got folks offering their design talent, organizing skills, office space and hard earned dough to make this happen. And it’s spreading…

Just this weekend I talked to Amit Gupta about him organizing a Bar Camp NYC. And I just saw that there’s a Sunday Startup Social being organized in Boston. Very excellent.

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Bar Camp Amsterdam gets a venue

Flickr PhotoThanks to Mies, Bar Camp Amsterdam now has an excellent venue for our event coming up Oct 20-21 in Amsterdam. Everyone’s welcome to attend, though we only have space for 40-50 folks.

Also want to shout out to Chris Heuer’s Web2.1 Brainjam event. As an original Bar Camp alum, we’re very proud to hear that his event was a tremendous success!

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A Quick Update on Bar Camp Amsterdam

Bar Camp AmsterdamSo a number of us have been pushing hard, tracking down a venue for Bar Camp Amsterdam. We’ve got a few leads and worms on the hook, but nothing solid just yet. If you have ideas, let us know!

Meanwhile, we finalized the date:

October 20 – 18:00 22 – 12:00, 2005 Bar Camp Amsterdam – at TBD

Oh, and it turns out that if you can’t make it over the pond, there’ll be another North American Bar Camp coming up in February in Toronto. Sweet!

Bar Camp Amsterdam

Bar Camp Amsterdam

It’s been a little over a month since Bar Camp I and already the opportunity to springboard the next Bar Camp has manifested.

So today I’m announcing Bar Camp Amsterdam. The format might be a little different than the original, but it’s going to be one hellova time no matter what.

So first things first — this is happening as a complement to EuroOSCON. Turns out that there were only 12 booths allotted for open source projects and they were $1000 each. Not exactly affordable to community projects like Drupal. And besides that, they’ve all sold out, leaving many projects in the lurch, unable to show off their hard work to the OSCON community.

Once it became clear that a good number of projects would be lacking representation at EuroOSCON, it became clear that we needed to stage our own off-site conference.

There you have it.

We have wiki. Now we need a venue. Who can help (BarCampUKers, I’m looking at you!)?

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