Flock Postage Stamp Contest

Now that Flickr is offering all kinds of new services (including stamp printing!) I thought it’d be fun to do something about it!

Flickr PhotoSo how about this? You design some kind of way cool Flock-inspired postage stamp and we’ll print it. I can’t say how many we’ll print, but chances are it’ll be a few (since we’ll need stamps to send out the shirt we’ll give you in exchange for your entry!).

Let’s say this little contest goes until Nov 5.

Here’s how to play: create a stamp using this template (borrowed from Postal Shirow). Upload it to your Flickr account and tag it “flockstamp” and add it to the Flock Art pool. Based on interestingness and some good taste, we’ll pick a winner and print the stamps and give you some other cool swag.

Questions? Just drop me a message!

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