What the heck have I been doing lately?

I’ve got like an 8-million-long list of blog posts that I’ve been meaning to write for who knows how long and it’s simply not fair for me to not just write something… So at the meta level, lemme drop some tidbits.

My new apartment's backyardFirst of all, I’m moving. The three months I’ve spent at 19th and Valencia are coming to a close and I’ve found a jaunty little spot near the courthouse in Soma, in walking distance to transportation and food. That and serendipity once again intervened on my behalf and expired Andy Smith’s (aka Termie) Canadian working papers, causing him to return to Cali from Vancouver in need of a living situation. As such, molecules and electrons collided across the galaxy in such a way as to bring us together in apartment-searching and before long, we found a culture pad to suit our tastes.

I suck at DDR2K!Besides relocating, I’ve been emerging socially. In a big way. I’ve met some absolutely terrific people in the short time that I’ve started going out in my evenings and I expect that they will all have profound and important influences on me, my priorities and my ideas, let alone my mental wellbeing! Just last night I ended up watching The City of Lost Children at David Weekly’s place (of CCCP fame). How perfectly random!

So besides growing socially, I’ve been expanding sonically. In particular, I’ve stumbled upon an amazing mashup DJ called PartyBen from San Francisco’s Live105 Sixx Mixx. Not only has he got phat beats, but damn, the dude mixes up all the best tunes…. I mean, Closer & 50 Cent? Or how about Wonderwall and Boulevard of Broken Dreams? Downloads aplenty are available. Plus, this Saturday, I’m getting a bunch of friends together to check him out live at Cherry Bar on Folsom.

Oh, and while I’m at it, I have to give a shout out to my man Mandolux, who’s created a killer desktop based on some work I had him help us with for Mozilla awhile back. This guy’s been doing some amazing work for quite awhile and appreciates any and all patronage you can muster.

And I have one celebratory announcement to make: I’ve received my first blogspam! I feel truly honored to be amongst the many million who have been targetted for the benefit of someone else’s casino business. Thankfully, WordPress had my back.

Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: Molly.com (YC W18), Uber, Google.

2 thoughts on “What the heck have I been doing lately?”

  1. Hi Chris, have been reading your responses at Minciu Sodas. Super to connect with you.

    Would like to Yahoo IM with you on how we (APIC Mind Colonies/Autopoietic Social Networks) and Civicspace can collaborate together.

    Yahoo IM me at bala2pillai

    Bala Pillai
    Sydney, Australia

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