Why we went to OSCON and ended up with XXL and XXXL shirts

Flickr PhotoIn the interest of eating more dogfood and possibly blogging more often, I’ve fired up a nifty new gadget we’re calling Flock to write this entry. We launched Flock in private beta at OSCON and are now pushing through our second private release. If you want in, hop on over to flock.com and signup for our invite list. We’ll be handing these bad boys out in the weeks to come — so the earlier you get in, the sooner you can get your hands on our hot new property.

So back to the lecture at hand.

Here at Flock Flock World Headquarters, I’ve been getting a lot of grief lately for the fact that we ended up with so many XXL and XXXL shirts after OSCON. I felt compelled to set the record straight or forever live in shame. Here’s a transcript of the actual dialog that lead to this predicament between me and Ken Mickles of GiantRobotPrinting.com:

11:31:39 AM ken: want to do these flock shirts 20 s, 40 m, 30 l, 10 xl?

11:32:36 AM chris: damn, ok i guess i’m wrong about this

11:32:44 AM ken: hmm?

11:32:51 AM chris: i’m getting interesting feedback

11:33:15 AM chris: ok damn

11:33:22 AM chris: lemme rework this for you

11:33:28 AM chris: because i was totally off

11:33:37 AM chris: first, we want 150 shirts

11:33:37 AM ken: ok. about which part?

11:33:43 AM chris: for flock

11:33:49 AM ken: haha, ok

11:33:52 AM chris: and then

11:33:55 AM chris: we want…

11:34:23 AM chris: ok, calculations being made

11:35:06 AM ken: ok

11:35:08 AM chris: do you have xxxl?

11:35:18 AM ken: yeah

11:35:21 AM chris: ok

11:35:27 AM chris: apparently geeks are bigger than i thought

11:35:42 AM ken: haha, they tend to be very small or very large

11:36:02 AM chris: apparently

11:37:25 AM chris: 10S 20M 35L 55XL 20XXL 10XXL (PLUS girlies)

11:37:41 AM ken: ok

11:46:50 AM chris: cool

11:46:53 AM chris: drupal quote?

11:47:33 AM ken: i’ll get you that in a second, just wanted to make sure the sizes are solid on the flock stuff so i can get the order in before 3

11:48:23 AM chris: ah

11:48:24 AM chris: yes

11:48:29 AM ken: ok, cool

11:48:32 AM chris: what i just gave you came from the CEO

11:48:40 AM ken: ok, sounds good

12:15:27 PM chris: OMG

12:15:33 PM ken: hmm?

12:15:38 PM chris: drupal wants 100 shirts…

12:15:42 PM ken: haha

12:15:45 PM chris: is it too late?

12:15:49 PM ken: nah

12:15:51 PM chris: awesome

12:16:01 PM chris: so maybe do a similar ratio to the flock shirts for sizes

12:16:04 PM chris: but no XXXL

12:16:07 PM ken: ok

12:16:47 PM chris: ok, so that should be it then… sorry about all the back and forth!

12:16:56 PM ken: no problem

12:16:56 PM chris: but we’re good on 100 shirts for drupal?

12:17:15 PM ken: yeah, i’ll give you the price in a minute

12:17:24 PM chris: k

12:17:26 PM chris: awesome

So now that my name has been cleared and the truth is out there, does anyone want some Flock schwag?! No really, lemme know and we’ll see what we can do to hook you up.

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Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: Molly.com (YC W18), Uber, Google.

10 thoughts on “Why we went to OSCON and ended up with XXL and XXXL shirts”

  1. “No really, lemme know and we’ll see what we can do to hook you up.”

    As long as you want XXXL 😉

  2. I want flock swag. Bart’s got my address. Probably XL will do, unless XL is kind of small, in which case let’s go up a size.

  3. Some woman like to sleep in XXXL tees . I can read the headline , “Women flock to Flock night wear!”

  4. I’d like some, but not in X{1,3}L.

    If you had some smaller sizes, I might be able to arrange some kind of exchange, if you know what I mean.

  5. chris,

    we don’t need monkeys who follow orders around here. we need people that can think critically and for themselves. this is not something I like to do, but consider yourself on probation.

    ceo, flock

  6. Sweet! The last time you went on probation you got to drink beers and work from Maui. Feel free to forward my paycheck to Chris M, Hawaii, USA. =D

  7. You better save me two of those tee : one for my mother and one for my lady !

  8. Hi Chris!
    How are you? Flock seems to be a real interesting product! And I would feel really lucky if I was chosen as a tester… But in this world, we can still dream… So I’ll keep my finger crossed, hoping you have read my request!

    Thank you and have a nice day!
    Michael (sk8temichael@gmail.com)

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