Were the Levees Bombed?

According to a friend of mine on the ground in Katrina’s aftermath, he’s hearing a lot of reports about the 17th Street Canal Levees being bombed by the Army Corps of Engineers to protect the richer areas of New Orleans, resulting in the flooding of the poorer areas of the city. While some conspiracy theories are certain to crop up, can this possibly be true?

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Author: Chris Messina

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9 thoughts on “Were the Levees Bombed?”

  1. I’m not sure about levees being bombed to protect one part of town over another – though I did hear more than a couple times that the Army Corps of Engineers were “breaching” levees in a controlled fashion to help water drain out of the city.. “and let gravity do it’s work” as one engineer put it.

  2. Sure — I imagine that this is more likely the case. Nevertheless, it’s at best a bitter irony that one of the poorer sections of New Orleans happened to be in the path of that water. At worst, the results of “gravity doing its work” might be exactly what was intended in the various intimations Jacob encountered.

  3. You guys are behind the knowledge curve that starts with 911. Do the research. 911 was an inside job. The government’s lies do not hold up. A full year before N.O. the Pentagon, yes I said the Pentagon, was doing research on N.O. and their levees. Ask yourself why them, a def. dept.? They got away with murder and profit once and they want more. N.O. is going to be their new cash cow. FEMA’s going to force homeless, jobless people to sell their properties for pennies on the dollar. Bush will reward his fellow serial killers with big fat redevelopment projects. Haliburton will get some cash. They get to artificially raise oil prices and now that millions of mostly minorities are homeless an jobless there will be plenty of people to join the military and die in an illegal oil grab in Iraq. The barges were blown on purpose not just to spare one rich part of town but for the whole entire undoing. It is time to silence cowards and begin civil war.

  4. In reference to what Ken said;
    Um barges are rectangular shaped boats. They are the things that float on the water and not the things that are keeping the water out. this said I am pretty sure that I detect an Arabic grammatical structure. (That’s right I can see right through you AHMED!!!)

  5. Sorry Gary but Ken was referring to a barge that was found just inside the levee on 17th. It was floating there there on the outside of the levee just before the hurricane hit. The reason why? Only you know. The joke about Ahmed was insensitive, but caught me off guard with a chuckle.

  6. Thank you H.G., right on the nail! In addition to the levees going bye-bye you might also want to check out my expose on a few things I’ve noticed and put together here: http://www.kendwebber.com/coffeeart9.html. As for the Ahmed quote, seems like I’m getting under someone’s collar. You wouldn’t be a supporter of those Benedict Arnold, oil-grabbing, serial killing neocons would you? Those Domestic Enemy Cowards who are too afraid to fight for themselves but they’ll gladly kill your sons and daughters for profit? As for me, I am not Arabic, I’m a former Marine, honorably discharged. Honor being something you probably wouldn’t understand.

  7. I’m watching C-SPAN2, the experiences of Katrina survivors and multiple witnesses atest to explosive noises shortly before 17th flooded. One witness cited a combat veteran identifying the sound of a bomb at the time of breach. If true, I don’t believe intentions were to save the elite majority before a poor minority. I find that the only color the elite majority respects is not white, black, or otherwise but green. As a minority I encourage all other ethnic minorities to wake up and realize that life will not get better for us simply because we wish the majority to provide it, we’ve got to do it ourselves on every level. Love your brother and work with him, not against him.

  8. I love how conspiracy theorists make claims with the weakest evidence and then turn around and criticize the President for doing the same. Also, anyone who disagrees is seen as ignorant, part of the conspiracy, or brain washed. (That goes for both sides.)

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