6 thoughts on “Paul Mason blogs Flock”

  1. Hype won’t change the world in any significant way. We seriously didn’t plan to get as much buzz as we’ve gotten — we believe strongly in what we’re doing and it would appear that other people do too.

    It’s quite clear that the current stable of browsers isn’t meeting people’s needs as well as they could, so while hype won’t change the world, perhaps a tool that meets the needs of those using the web to communicate, collaborate and share will!

  2. With all the recent hype surrounding the new social web browser Flock, I thought I’d take a second
    to let everyone know about the other social web browsing experence, Flocq. While not yet as polished
    as Flock, Flocq is growing rapidly with only 4 total hours from idea
    to code to qa to public launch. Check out Flocq at http://flocq.100free.com/

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