Hullavu Birthday, eh Matt?

AutomatticWell, I have to say, PMatty is turning out to be quite the quintessential capricorn. On the day that he turns twenny-two, he lands a CEO for Automattic, his new WordPress startup.

…Yeah, and not just any CEO… Toni Schneider of Yahoo, OddPost(read: Yahoo Mail), Konfabulator (read: Yahoo Widgets), et cetera and so on.

And speaking of Yahoo, I take it back. Google doesn’t own my life. Turns out (quite to my surprise mind you) it’s a Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! . . . Yahoo! … world after all. Weird.

Author: Chris Messina

Product designer, friend to startups, inventor of the hashtag, proponent of bots and conversational apps; X-Googler and X-Uber.

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