Build me a distributed LazyWeb!

Microformats LogoSo I’m San Fransocializing with Tantek and Greg Elin, shootin’ the breeze and considering how we can push microformats into new domains and I got this idea for a distributed LazyWeb (I had no idea Hammersley wrote the original… Ben! You lazy bastard!).

If you’re not familiar with LazyWeb, it’s like this: Need something done? Just blog it and trackback to’s trackback address. Pretty simple right? In fact, that’s how I’m planning on having extension reviews work on the redesigned Flock site. But that’s down the road.

Anyway, as I was explaining…

I want to publish tasks on my blog and have them get aggregated along with a bunch of other people’s… but it would be crazy useful if you could group like tasks and aggregate them to see other people with the same needs. Who knows, maybe when you find 15 people wanting the same thing, you can start a Fundable project or something. You figure it out.

The geektastic idea I had was this (since, you’ll recall, the topic of conversation was microformats): use the vtodo component of hCalendar to represent your LazyWeb task. You could use the organizer, summary, attendee, categories and even status and priority classes to represent the aspects of the task. The value of the organizer would be a link to your blog using rel=”me” from XFN. If someone accepts the task, you can add an XFN relationship to the attendee link.

And then, through the magic of the intarweb, a spider could be used to seek out these tasks and index by tags in the categories. Subscribe a certain task-tag and voila! — your weekends will never be unproductive again! …and, I’ve got my distributed LazyWeb!

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Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: (YC W18), Uber, Google.

2 thoughts on “Build me a distributed LazyWeb!”

  1. Beautiful! That’s a lot like a few ideas I’ve been chasing for a few years — am I right in characterizing your idea as an ad-hocracy for (possibly) open-source programming?

  2. Fantastic! What blows me away is the lack of a good open source Calander / ToDo List / Getting Things Down webservice with a offline desktop component.

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