Flock ETech presentation available

Flock eTech 2006 slides available

I exported a Quicktime movie of my slides from ETECH (click to advance each slide). I’ll be doing a vidcast of the presentation in a week or two so you can get the full effect (and hopefully I’ll be able to share it in multiple formats).

For the two Demo Time slides, here’re the scripts I would have used if the network would have been less flaky:

Demo One

  1. on a friend’s page, hit the star
  2. rss reading
  3. topic aggregation (om and techcrunch)
  4. now click through to a one of the pages
  5. open the technorati topbar to see what’s going on

Demo Two

  1. open photo browser — look for etech
  2. photo uploading — ok i want to upload my own photos
  3. history search (to find something to blog — like the techcrunch page we saw before)
  4. blogging workflow (of page found through history and then drag in uploaded photo)

Leave me comments if you have any questions.

Update: By request from the management, I decided to remove 3 slides at the end of the presentation about “getting laid” since without context from the in-person presentation, it may seem a bit more lewd than intended.

Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: Molly.com (YC W18), Uber, Google.

6 thoughts on “Flock ETech presentation available”

  1. Chris, thanks for throwing those slides up. I found the presentation very interesting yesterday.

    I’ve been using Flock for a couple of months now and have been impressed with the improvements I’ve seen. I appreciate the way you guys are approaching web browsers from a whole new perspective.

  2. Can you post the presentation as a PPT presentation file as well? Thanks.

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