Going indie, week 1

Under New Management

Or maybe this one.

So yeah, in case you missed it, I’m out on my own now, doing the indie consulting thing, which, incidently, is what I came out to San Francisco to do in the first place. It’s just that now I’ve actually got clients who are… hrmm… local. Weird.

Anyway, what am I up to? Well, I’ll tell you.

Besides finding entertainment options with my PiC, I’ve got a coupla new gigs.

The first one, where I was at the beginning of this week, is a wireless/SMS startup called Mozes, which, interestingly enough, is located in the old Flock World HQ. Imagine that! Back in the old garage again. For them I’m doing some design, concepting, planning… websiting…(?) Et cetera.

The middle of the week had me at France Telecom‘s offices to check out the venue (photos coming soon!). And then a WineCamp planning meeting.

And yesterday and today was spent at one of my other big and interesting clients, . I’ll be working on a new venture with Lane and Rachel temporarily deemed “Adventure Capital” — as they’ll be taking on new projects and getting paid in equity. (Okay, it’s really called ““).

Whatever the case, I’ll be helping out with design and brainstorming and messing with assumptions and all that jazz. And yes, it’s very exciting, but, sadly, I can’t say much more than that.

Oh, and in the meantime, I hope to find time for , , , , … and the usual open source world liberation bits. More? Maybe. A few. But I do need to learn to say no. Or to take on some help.

Speaking of… any design-slash-code monkeys out there looking for some work? Fer real — I’ve got plenty of work to go around if you can manage your time, your work and like Basecamp. Any takers?

Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: Molly.com (YC W18), Uber, Google.

8 thoughts on “Going indie, week 1”

  1. welcome to the great experiment… {grin}

    remember the most important part: sending the invoice!


    p.s. what are the chances you can get miss rogue to
    switch out “pinko” with something us “more senior”
    folks can endorse?

  2. Very little. That’s part of the point after all — and jeez, it’s a word, and one that doesn’t even have to be related to the big ol’ evil communism thing. Someday “capitalism” will be seen as just as evil and harmful as communism. Fuck.

    Anyway, “pinko” means something totally different: “Pinko Marketing is about the commons itself. It celebrates the rise of the ‘customer’ voice. It strives to tear down top-down power and message structures. It does away with classes and celebrates the impact of the tiniest voices.”

    I just don’t understand why folks “more senior” need the idea or the wording to be watered down. It’s a forceful, serious idea — and an important one. Sure, we’ve all gotta invoices and mortgages to take care of, but a simple word — if it’s that offensive — man, we’ve got bigger issues to worry about right now than the word used to describe this method of communing with the commons.

  3. Hey Chris- Congrats and best of Luck to you! Is there a name for the new venture? Site in the works?

    Right on, anyways- Def. interested in the freelance work if you’ve got it 🙂


  4. It strives to tear down top-down power and message structures. It does away with classes and celebrates the impact of the tiniest voices.

    I just don’t understand why folks “more senior� need the idea or the wording to be watered down.

    Grin… the wording needs to be watered down because top-down power exists to perpetuate itself, not spread the love.

    And–congrats on the gigs! The AP adventure capital project sounds fascinatingly disruptive…


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