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If I *did* buy a car…

…it’d likely be this new diesel-powered 2006 Honda Civic Si. I mean, voice recognition, a button to turn on the car and 55MPG?! Oh yes. I’ll take one. Via


3 thoughts on “If I *did* buy a car…

  1. Why not the Prius Chris?

    Surely a far more environmentally friendly car – oh and Renault have been doing button starters in their cars for 4-5 years now.

  2. The Prius is a) butt ugly and b) has no power. With the hybrid-diesel you’re getting both power and efficiency. I love what the Prius represents, but it’s like open source with me — I’ll champion it and help it to get to the next level, but I still need to use something that just works.

    It’s a tough balance but one that I think makes for healthy competition!

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