Scrambled, thoughts


Microformats capture creativity. It inspires imagination.

Those things which inspire rethinking what’s possible generate energy.

Tools that succeed enable the harnessing of that potential power.

. . .

Blue Bottle Coffee is magical.

. . .

My Blackberry has increased my productivity elevenfold.

I need more elevenfold productivity increases.

. . .

How will we deal with the deluge of information raining down upon us?

The torrent is upon us, those of us beneath the wave are struggling for air; sucking it out of each other’s lungs.

. . .

What is the cost of perspective?

. . .

If I were Steven Colbert’s mum, I would be extremely proud.

Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: (YC W18), Uber, Google.

8 thoughts on “Scrambled, thoughts”

  1. I am interested to hear more about how your “Blackberry has increased [your] productivity elevenfold.”

  2. Well, for one, it’s email and the web on the go, wherever I am. That means, with the deluge of email I receive — I swear, it’s 30 important, 200 trivial emails a day now — I can actually respond to or at least read more of it…

    Then it’s directions and figuring out where the hell I am — again, wherever I am. This means less preplanning and worrying about Google mapping… I’ve got it with me!

    Then it’s restaurant reviews… repeat after me, wherever I am! And technorati lookups… and the news… and blog posts… I mean — ok, it was cool when I used to lug a book around and read, but I have to admit, being a wireless head does lead to being more accessible and on top of everything going on.

    That said, I do find that my ADD suckz0r more than ever. Must, erhmm, work on that.

    Oh, and Dodgeballing is a piece o’ cake — as is managing my ToDo with GooToDo.

    Oh, and taking notes on the go, jotting down blog and tshirt ideas. I mean — just being able to have all this functionality in a device only 50% wider than my previous phone is so handy.

    The worst part: I’ll never be able to go back!

  3. “How will we deal with the deluge of information raining down upon us?”

    Ooooh, my favorite subject.

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