Text HellsYeah to 66937

Dorrian at AlwaysOn Hollywood

So I’ve been doing some work with Palo Alto-based startup Mozes for the past month or so and it’s exciting to see that work beginning to trickle out, first at Maker Faire and now AlwaysOn Hollywood (check out 19:19-26:00 in this video). It’s funny, but apparently I’m a “presentation” guy too — meaning that, yeah sure, I do interface and experience design, but I also do presentation prep. Guess it just comes from the “communications” part of my training. (Oh, and some pop trivia for you: the first work I did for Mozes was unpaid, happened at ETECH and turned into the design they used for their Maker Faire shirts).

Anyway, I just wanted to put out there how cool this stuff is. I mean — disclosure: I’m paid to help Mozes improve their product and get the word out — but that’s not why I write about things. Nor why I’m writing about Mozes. Nor why I’m working for them (though reconciling what else I have of value that would help me pay the bills still eludes me).

I actually really like their tech — and I think they’re eager to make this the best, coolest platform for leveraging the nexus of the SMS-Web.

HellsYeah IconDon’t believe me? Ok, smarty pants — try it: text hellsyeah to 66937 (aka Mozes on the keypad). You should get not only get back a text message, but you’ll also have some links and other goodies stored online for you to retrieve at your leisure.

Guess how long it took me to set that up? 24 seconds. The stupid icon took me longer than inputting what I wanted for the response.

“Yeah, neat, big deal” you say? Well, ok, tonight only, try this: text dj? followed by a number 0-201 — or choose from this list. What will it do? It’ll change the currently playing that the Mozes folks are listening to at their Cinco de Mayo party!

How is that possible? Well, for every keyword that you create (go sign up now and get your own free keyword), you can shunt the data off to your own open API and have the data returned to Mozes. That means that you can pipe dynamic data from your super-hyped up Web Two Dot Oh app back to any SMS device via a simple keyword on Mozes’ system.

This is just the beginning — and I’m terribly jazzed about pushing this platform forward. In fact, I want to know what you want to do with this thing. I mean, I gave you one example — another is to text a radio station like ‘kroq’ to Mozes to get the currently playing song information… But I’m more interested in what you want to do with this thing. I’ve got plenty of ideas, but none are likely as good as yours. So tell me, whatcha whatcha whaaatcha want, whatchawant?

Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: Molly.com (YC W18), Uber, Google.

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