Damn, where’d I go?

This is me, when I was like 4 -- by Miss Rogue

So I realized that I’d been writing “Whoops, sorry for the radio slience lately” to kick off most of the emails I’ve sent in the past phew days and figured I oughta update the ol’ blog with some quick hits.

I’ll defer to Tara for a recap of things over the past 10 days while we were there and then after the fact. And don’t miss Robert Ouellete‘s greatly flattering post.

Anyway, so my laptop b0rked and I sent it off to Apple before I left… unfortunately, it wasn’t ready until I was boarding my plane, so I had to take my backup system (damn, I am a spoiled kid) along with me, which was having intermittent hangups every time I booted. Oh well, okay, whatever.

Toronto was a total blast — a really great town with a lot of great folks (and Mesh and BarCampTdot ruled). And The Drake was simply mahvalous. And even had connectivity once or twice… owing to the half hour I had to spend booting my damn system.

Me @ my grandparents'Anyway, once we arrived in NH, that was it for net connectivity. My mom has dial-up, but it only works on PCs (lame-ass PeoplePC) so I was effectively offline and without a functioning computer for, OMG, 4 days. But seriously, it’s suckage and unaffordable downtime when you’ve got WineCamp, Coworking, a trip to Southern France and BarCamps up the wazoo in your immediate path!

So bah, Apple, this is all your damn fault. I blame you! Here’s a tid bit of wisdom for the ages: if you’re going to buy an Apple, make damn sure you buy AppleCare.

This is the second display they’ve “reworked” and the second logic board I’ve had replaced on this machine. I’ve had previous logic boards, displays, video cards, power adapters and the whole rest replaced before. And thankfully everytime it was completely covered.

Anyway, that’s the deal, and why I’ve been MIA and might continue to be as I scramble to catch up as my life runs asunder. At least I’ve got the best and most patient PiC in the universe to ground me throughout. Phew! (oh, and the new shoes are her influence… finally!).

Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: Molly.com (YC W18), Uber, Google.

2 thoughts on “Damn, where’d I go?”

  1. That sucks that the issues with your laptop have happened over and over again. When I purchased my iPod I made sure I got applecare, so far I have had no problems. I tend to always get ‘care’ packages on anything I buy that is worth anything. I hope you have fun on the rest of your travels!

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