9 thoughts on “I’m not deep”

  1. What a great analysis! Theoretical VS Pragmatism… It seems that open source + the power of community can take the best juice from it with transforming ‘VS’ to ‘collaboration’! Just need to approach the magic spell that enables this alchemy… Look at where you put your feets on your walks in Provence, that could be so sweet if you could find the philosopher’s stone and bring it with you in Paris for the BarCamp 😉

    See you this evening for debating about the concrete and pragmatic future of winecamp!

  2. Hey Mando, you can download the source video for higher quality — apparently you need some funky codec though, and it’s 60mb, so I linked to the Flash version instead since it’s more compatible.

  3. I think everything thats happening right now (the web, social blogosphlickr 2.0 or whatever you want to call it) is implementing some kind of futuristic theoretical utopia without even realising it.. like whether or not the players involve are aware of what they’re doing collectively, this thing is happening and is going to keep happening.

  4. Hey Chris,

    I cherish and deeply respect your honest vulnerability. Pressing deeper into the matter in the face of felt ignorance is tres respectable.

    Maybe I ought to grab a French Berlitz course, a translator, or (what?), and head over to france. I’m flat out sure that I’m not deep at all in comparison to folks who dive into philosophy in high school, but I do like the fact that there are people who are thinking deeply about cultural ramifications of the technology that’s being unleashed.

    Saying “deep” a lot probably lowers my credibility as a master of gray matter, huh? Oh well.

    The conversation with you, Tara, and a host of other folks at the spaghetti warehouse during lunch at SXSW this year was much more substantial in that regard than most other conversations I jumped into. I’d like to really dig [far downward below the surface] into the interdependency of culture and technology that is resulting from recent shifts in consciousness. Emergent community in a flat world just means that there’s a helluva lot for all of us to learn. Thanks for having the guts to role-model that for us.

    – David

  5. maybe it was your translator’s fault :-)!

    It was a pleasure to meet you, talk into your ear, and muddle through questions of theory, practice, innovation, and vision — and to muddle through Aix at night. Hope BarCampParis was great and I hope I will see you for a Wine Camp out here soon. Oh, and don’t forget RoCoCoMontreal2007 for the perfect balance between French theorizin’ and American doin’ it.

    alison, the snarky translator

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