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  1. Chris – great presentation today, the keynote file is really, really beautiful.

    Just wanted to mention that the links are slightly messed up and you may want to fix them.


  2. It was interesting watching Koz’s video of you and Tara’s talk at Gnomedex. Having a discourse with the audience (in which case they’re not an audience, but co-participants) is something I’ve tried to do with limited ability in my presentations. The limited ability is mostly from limited time to present.

    Watching your presentation, I realized that the discourse is not with a group (audience), but individual co-participants in the path of the discussion. The model I’m looking to is the Socratic and Aristotelian method of discourse. Where the question/problem is stated and the knowledge of others is leverged to reach a point of deaper knowledge and solution.

  3. Hey Enric,

    Good points — we were actually very intentional in our use of the Socratic method with our presentation… we knew that we didn’t have all the answers, only experiences like everyone else in the room. And though we had a point and a premise, we also didn’t want to dominate the discussion but instead, as you said, tease out deeper knowledge that might confirm or deny our hypotheses.

    Seems like it went over pretty well.

  4. That’s an interesting point: “tease out deeper knowledge that might confirm or deny our hypotheses.” It sounds like the discourse is based on evidence reality (Aristotelian) rather than pure ideas (Platonic). The evidence is the knowledge of individual co-participants in the discussion. These individuals have different knowledge from different real world events they’ve lived through and gained a measure of wisdom from. This makes sense as somewhat emperical and relates to me to the microformats process of basing forms on real world behavior.

  5. The presentation is mindblowing ! Also I fell in love with the template that you had created. Since the work is CC how should I do attribution if I need to make use the template alone.

    I wanted to email you and I remember sending you email on chris AT barcamp DOT org initially when I was trying to setup barcamp hyderabad1 but it seems that id does not exist. I could not find any other email id hence I posted here.


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