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WildApricot is out and aboot

In case you missed it, Canadia-based Wild Apricot is out now, focusing on offering non-profits event organizing and member management tools. I’m going to try to weezel this into the BarCamp technology stack. We’ll see!


4 thoughts on “WildApricot is out and aboot

  1. Hmmm… free for groups under 50 forever…I’ll definitely check this out. Thanks Chris. And lemme know how desperate you are for housing in Boston, I’ve got some sorta distant leads I could un-distantize if you can’t find anyone else.

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  3. I, too, will be eager to see how nonprofits use it. Also, belated thanks for your comment a while back about my Netsquared post on Seth Godin’s criticism of nonprofits.

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