BarCamp et l’EntreNet

BarCamp Interview

Another “What is BarCamp?” video, but this time it’s me being interviewed at in Aix-en-Provence in France this past spring.

I really should smile more.

Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: (YC W18), Uber, Google.

11 thoughts on “BarCamp et l’EntreNet”

  1. I missed the comment on anyone can use the “barcamp” – its based on CC licence, NID community (?) – I could not hear what you mention. seeking clarifications.

    Nice statement “Community will emerge where barcamps are being held” !!

    yeah, you should smile more.. :)-

    Oh btw, I heard you did a barcamp skypecast (just yesterady !!) , where is podcast for this ??

  2. @Peter — BarCamp is licensed under what we call a Community Mark. It’s like CC for TM.

    There’s not been a Skypecast, but there is an active BarCamp/Skype community channel forum… find me on Skype as factoryjoe and I’ll invite you!

  3. Chris, your Community Mark goes to a blank page. I am guessing this is still a concept as opposed to a license in legal language?

    I really enjoyed this video. I like how you are focused on having the barcamp event be experienced by a more diverse audience (everyone!) and also improving software product quality through communication with people that use the software.

    I am surprised you don’t give open space kudos.

  4. Hey Lloyd — yeah, Community Mark is similar to Creative Commons in intention, but without the legal backing. It’s basically a choice — all law comes from somewhere right? So, heck, why can’t we make up laws? If they end up being unenforceable, well, we spoke our intention clearly from the beginning and defined for ourselves the rules we intend to play by (and I’ll fix the link).

    And yes, open source space certainly gave a lot to FOO Camp, but surprisingly, when we did the first BarCamp, we’d never heard of it, so as far as we knew, we were just following Tim O’Reilly’s model! 😉

  5. ==>>”Chris, your Community Mark goes to a blank page”

    Lloyd : the url is here

    Chris : Thanks for the Feedback. Yes, now I remember that post :)-

  6. never heard of it: a quick blog search suggests both Tantek Celik and Ross Mayfield’s involvement in meetups using “open space technology” *sic* from before the first barcamp.

  7. Sure — and Tantek was also a FOO veteran. Personally I’d not heard of it. I’m not sure Andy, Matt or Ryan had either. I’m not claiming to have invented anything, I’m just saying that we were only looking at FOO as the model — without the foreknowledge that FOO Camp wasn’t original either! 😉

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