magnoliciousWow. Ma.gnolia is so rockin’ lately.

I mean, I’m biased, but that’s ok.

I have a longer post coming soon that I’ve been saving up, but I wanted to get this out ASAP so all you folks out there with tools can port your apps to work with my favorite social bookmarking service

Why now?

Because Ma.gnolia now supports the API. Oh yes. Check it out. And let crew know what you think!

Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: (YC W18), Uber, Google.

12 thoughts on “”

  1. I loved Magnolia when it first came out, its actual design was refreshing compared to Delicious, and the existance of groups a boon. But I quickly gave up when niggly little things started to get the better of me, like having to scroll when adding a bookmark. As any good beta user I should have sent feedback but it just didn’t seem worth it, even though I’m not a heavy user I’m entrenched at Delicious, and digging out entrenched users is tough. I’ll take another look sometime though.

    Smart to adopt the Delicious API, though how long will it take client developers to add a path input? Every client developer should allow for this eventuality from the beginning, preferably using a universal web-service discovery mechanism…!

  2. Lloyd — it’s a fair point and one that’s entirely on our (Citizen Agency and Ma.gnolia’s) ground to argue.

    So far, I’d mention the following benefits over Delicious, which aren’t dealmakers for some, but would be for others: Groups, Discussions, screenshots, ratings, a clean design, a richer API and a very small, dedicated group of folks building out the site.

    I think over time it’ll be obvious both who should use Ma.gnolia and why but we’re still building out the foundation.

  3. It’s back – we had a big surge in feed calls that we’re working out, but we blacked out for a few moments there.

  4. That has to be my one and only complaint about ma.gnolia….the occasional downtime. And an understandable problem to deal with when a product is scaling the way it is.
    so long as there are fixes in the works, im a happy user.

  5. I set up on ma.gnolia, and successfully imported Only complaint is that the site is slow (I am on a 2.5 mb connection). I like the tags with blank spaces.

  6. I coded this feature months ago in, this took me 2 hours. I did a demo at MiniBarCampParis remember ? This was never officialy released because API is so ugly – so sucking GETfull – that i don’t want encourage anyone to support it.

    Speaking about APIs, we’ll re-launch our Atom Publishing Protocol based API in a few weeks, this is definitely the way to go.

  7. Honestly, the big draw for me with Ma.gnolia is the ability to use multiple words with actual spaces between them as tags.

    I will never understand why insists on limiting us with the lack of this feature. It’s like they are proudly displaying the geek heritage of the site without regard to accumulating more, less “techy” users.

    I have had a account for awhile now (a year? hmphhh, it’s been so long I just cannot remember) and I am constantly going back and forth in my head as to weather to use underscores, no spaces at all or just utilize seperate words in tagging everything. Annoying.

  8. i would also love to see pukka working with ma.gnolia.

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