Skype + eBay + Google Local, Base and Payments, oh my!

Silo By Dirk Sabbe

Had a meeting with our advisor Don Thorson today (who’s currently at Jajah) and found it interesting to see that Google is strongly moving to make good on the deal they inked with eBay in August into the voice communications area.

First, they started talking about giving away ad-supported cell phones, then they added Skype to the Google Pack and now they’ve gone and made the most obvious play by adding click-to-call dialing to Google Local, executing on part of the original agreement.

With Skype adding SMS capabilities it’s curious to watch Google and Skype fight a pitched battle into telephony systems while the rest seem to be waiting and watching.

I mean, doesn’t this have an obvious end point?

I mean, take eBay listings, take Google Base, take Adwords as it spins out into radio and print, take Skype and take free click-to-calls where Google aka Skype foots the bill… add free cell phones… free wifi. And now give Google the tools to monetize the whole lot of the transactions flowing over its servers, airwaves and cell towers… and the ability to know who you are, what you’re up to, what you like, and how much you’re worth to advertisers.

If I were a farming man, I’d be a tad concerned about these Google silos cropping up along the horizon. But that’s just me.

Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: (YC W18), Uber, Google.

One thought on “Skype + eBay + Google Local, Base and Payments, oh my!”

  1. There seems to be a trend that once the giants of the industry emerge, they want to continue after one another until “there is only one”! Hopefully that will not occur in our lifetimes. We need the competition to keep things going and in focus.

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