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devizen » Blog Archive » Authorization, Oh My!

devizen  » Blog Archive   » Authorization, Oh My!

“OAuth, provides a valet key for the web.”

Rating: 3

Tags: oauth, authorization

What is OAuth?

What is OAuth?

A brief description by Mark Atwood.

Rating: 3

Tags: oauth, mark atwood

Cottyn | Fresh-Picked T-Shirts

Cottyn | Fresh-Picked T-Shirts

“That’s what she twittered.”

Rating: 4

Tags: tshirts, twitter

MySpace API

MySpace API

“Homebrew MySpace API was created because I had nothing to do and I wanted to take a break from doing other projects, so I wondered if there was some kind of API for myspace and no there was not. Facebook has an API they are cutting edge, haha….. Anyways here is my homemade/homebrew API. Now its easier to create small neat widgets.”

Rating: 3

Tags: myspace, api

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