Twitter is performance email

To all you Twitter-naysayers who don’t care what I had for lunch, what the weather is around me, what brilliant insight I just had was and to all the rest: that’s fine. I’m not *performing* for you. I’m performing for me, and for my friends, and as a result of being so ostentatious, they are ostentatious back which nullifies any traditional sense of egotism.

Just as Flickr chose to make uploaded photos *public by default*, Twitter does the same for SMS, email and IM and it’s *really* effing interesting. To me. To my friends. To people who care and who relate.

So if you’re some automaton and you’ve forgotten that human connections and communication are fundamental, go back to your cog-in-the-machine day job and let us revel in the freedom of open performance and better living through Twitter.