This is BarCamp (video)

This is BarCamp

Ryanne Hodson and Jay Dedman put together an awesome video that describes BarCamp — featuring campers Ryan King, Tantek Çelik, Tara Hunt, Enric Teller (who has his own video), Eddie Codel, Nima Dilmaghani and Jay Dedman. Footage was camptured at the recent BarCampSanFrancisco.

The video is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Teh Space kick off meeting tonight

Schlomo's pad

In case you’ve been following the work that we’ve been doing on coworking at Teh Space, we’ve finally found a place in dogpatch over at Schlomo’s pad at 801 Minnesota!

So tonight we’re having a kick-off meeting to get things going. We’ll talk about governance, the organization of the space, who’s going to serve as the initial anchors and how the heck we’re going to pay for it. Things should start at 6:30pm and if you can’t make it, no worries, we’ll post a summary on the wiki and mailing list and keep the discussion going beyond tonight’s initial kick-off.

→ Oh, and if you definitely want in, please make sure to add your desired time allotment to the wiki!

P.S. David Crow, do your homework and get out your business plan! The Innovation Commons is counting on you!

Natural Bridges @ WineCamp

Watch the video

Well, my first vlog entry evar and it’s to do with WineCamp. New beginnings, old tech. Yeah, that’s about right.This is at the Natural Bridges, down the street from WineCamp — where a bunch of us tossed off our early garb, jumping in the freezing wat

This video was originally shared on by factoryjoe with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Coworking, the vidcast

Coworking previewUber-vixen-vlogger Ryanne has posted an interview that she and Jay did of us giving the low down on where we’re at with getting a San Francisco-based Coworking space off the ground.

We’ve tentatively decided to call our first location (we’re currently scouting for locations of around 3000 sq feet — hint hint!) Teh Space.

If you’re interesting in getting involved and pitching in — money, ideas, space, time, effort and so forth — drop in on the wiki or join the mailing list.

Spread Bar Camp!

Bar Camp Austin Lotus

As Bar Camp spreads across India, we’re gearing up for a local event that promises to become the premiere tech event in Austin.

Well, maybe eventually (I mean, there’s no point using hyperbole when the event itself will prove its awesomeness) but it’s going to be one helluva time regardless — organized by local folks, for local folks and welcoming all the out of towners who are arriving for SXSW.

Looking forward to seeing y’all there tonight and tomorrow! Come ready to pitch in to make this the camp the one that really sets the bar for all subsequent camps!

CampCamp BOF tonight @ 8pm at ETech

So I decided last minute to stage a “metacamp” (maybe Andy’s right but the party goes on). Basically a bunch of us are going to meet up down the hall from the mini Maker Faire at 8pm in the Elizabeth Ballroom area (@ ETech) and talk Bar. Maybe even some Foo. Heh.

Anyway, topics I’d like to hit on: The State of the Bar, Lessons learned thus far, tactics for Spreading Bar Camp, and maybe even get in a little Coworking talk.

Right after that, we’re all gunna head over to Caskhacks to continue the discussion… and get the party going (though of course it’s not quite a party unless Miss Rogue is there… which she will be for this Friday’s Bar Camp Austin!).