…Wanted to destroy something beautiful

Blood of Destruction

You have to understand something about Flock. Nothing is permanant. We’re hungry. Destruction is a form of expression. It’s a form of existing, of creating, of saying, we exist.

So if we have to, we will destroy Flock. Not in the way you think. Not in that stupid, insipid, “yes it ends here way”. No. In that, “nothing worth doing happens the first time around.”

We will destroy it because the ideas are weak, the promise less than what we desire, less than what we are capable of. We will kill it because it needs to be killed. Because evolution is inevitable.

We’re hungry. What this country gives us doesn’t feed our need to create, to produce, to solve and to connect. With all due respect, fuck you, we will create in the same action that destroys. We don’t believe in what we’re given; there is something better.

Damn you, I’m not kidding.