Yahoo! Local goes Cuckoo for CoCo Puffs!

Andy Baio announces support in Yahoo! Local for microformats

The title means nothing, but today at Supernova, Andy Baio announced that Yahoo! Local has added support across the board for hCard, hCalendar and hReview, following Flickr, Upcoming and Yahoo! Tech (blurry video 1, video 2turn it up!).

I can’t exactly say what adding 10s of millions of microformatted bits of data will do for the web, but it certainly makes the rush to develop UI around this new opportunity all the greater…

Oh, and bonus: when I was at Flock, I wanted to see ground-level integration of microformats in the browser. Imagine having Lucene indexing all the microformatted content that you come across on the web (whether you know it or not) and then having that data separated out for use in extensions, in filling out forms, in generating new cross-sections and views of your ‘history’. And Rohit gave me another side of that idea: being able to autofill forms anywhere by creating an index of microformat classes-to-input value pairs for specific websites… Yeah, the client/browser part is going to be key to making all this work have obvious value for folks on the web. Can’t wait to see how this moves forward.

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  1. NoteMe said
    at 11pm on Jun 21st # |

    Wow, that is great news. I have the flock tails extension installed, so I guess my “browser” now can start picking up these “cards”. Good going.

    PS: I added hCard and hAtom to my page last week too. It is your “fault” I have done it..:)

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  2. [...] The real benefit of structured content is that it makes it possible (or at least a lot easier) to create new aggregation services. Because data is consistently marked-up using microformats, it takes the pain factor of scraping and other workarounds away. So there will be a lot more aggregation services popping up to take advantage of microformatted data – or as FactoryJoe described it, there’ll be a "rush to develop UI". This in turn helps the small businesses which list their products on services on the likes of Yahoo Local, because in the long run there will be more ways for general users to get at those listings (due to there being more aggregation of it happening across the Web). So this really is a win-win-win-win – for Yahoo, developers, small businesses and users. [...]

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