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MashPit by day, Microformats by night

Mash Pit (color)Today I’ll be hosting the third Mash Pit in San Francisco at the Wharton West, downtown at 101 Howard Street, Suite 500. Things kick off at 10am and go until 5pm (not 6pm, necessitated by the facilities and the fact that we’ll be hungry!).

What can you expect? Well, it’s pretty simple. The goal of the day is work on mashups — particularly ones that work on solving “human problems” — like making it easier to find wifi cafes in the city or autotag your photos based on your Upcoming or EVDB account (which, by the way, is really about making it easier to help folks find your photos later).

Tara and I came up with the agenda this morning. We’ve got a bit of experience now, so we’ll see how it goes!

And of course, after this is all over, tonight is the Microformats 1-year Anniversary Party at 111 Minna. We’re pretty excited about how far this little fledgling community project has come in the last year and want to celebrate! It gets going around 8pm — and, if you can’t be there, you can always order a shirt!

Ah! And before I forget, a big thanks to Tara, Tantek, the Supernova folks (especially Kevin and Jeanne!), and Mozes for helping make Mash Pit possible!


3 thoughts on “MashPit by day, Microformats by night

  1. Judman says:

    NIce! You need to put more shirts from your flickr set on there!

  2. Thanks for hosting the Mashpit… I had a lot of fun meeting people with the same shared interest. Also, I uploaded a PNG version of the Mashpit logo onto the Wiki. Lossless 24-bit transparency rules!

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