Can we crash (in Seattle)?

Well, thought we’d try something a little different — do a little crowd-sourcing ourselves. We’re coming up to Gnomedex at the end of the month and rather than stay at a hotel, we thought we’d see if we could tap our network and find someone to stay with in Seattle…!

We checked out Can I Crash but unfortunately, they only offer is already booked…

So, if you’re in Seattle or know someone who is and has space (and is also not evil), Tara and I would love a place to crash! Oh, and just so you know that we’re decent, here’s what we look like, if you didn’t know already:

Crashing Couple

Original photo by Will Pate.

Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: (YC W18), Uber, Google.

6 thoughts on “Can we crash (in Seattle)?”

  1. My cousin lives in Seattle, you could probably crash with him. He and his wife have a baby though, so it might be a little loud. Lemme know if you want his contact info.

  2. If I lived in Seattle, I would let you stay with me. Not only are you two the cutest, you are really sweet people too.

  3. you should ask erik benson – or put the feelers out through the robot co-op team. i’m sure one of them could help out!

  4. Yes, you two are welcome to crash at my place in seattle. We’ve got a guest room that’s quiet and comfy. I’m in the Ballard neighborhood, about a 20-30 min car or bus ride from downtown. Catch me at phil at We’ve been at events together (usability sprint, netsquared, barcamp) but we haven’t fully connected for a long chat, and I’d dig chats with you re: citizen agency (which i’ve been doing since 1995), work in France (I grew up speaking French & English), and all good things to come.

  5. Good photo! You two look very decent. Though I’ve heard that Chris was less than decent in a French elevator, once upon a time. (Wasn’t there some video evidence?)

  6. Hey all — thanks for your offers and pointers! Turns out my UK mate, Ben Metcalfe, has arranged housing for us — so looks like we’re all set!

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