Blogger Doom 3

Blogger Doom 3

Okay okay, calm down, kids. We can work this all out.
RoSco, like the rest of us, is human and clearly has moments that inspire the need to get some aggression out. Instead of pissing off one’s readers, why don’t we set up a weekly scrimage for bloggers to to it out on each… in 3D?

Hey, the idea’s not original, but I’d be down for some good-old-fashioned blog’em up fun!

Who’s with me? Anyone?

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Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: (YC W18), Uber, Google.

4 thoughts on “Blogger Doom 3”

  1. i’d rather play some full contact hoops… but yeah, i’m down. a good excuse to finally get the x-box 360…

    see carr, RoSco did his job!

  2. A healthy dose of Halo 2 every night keeps me calm during the day.

    Anyone that wants to add me my name is “Wonder Obi”.

    Warning: I aim straight for your head.

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