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Laptop thefts on the rise in SF

According to a report in the Guardian (ironic, no?), Strong-arm robberies of laptop computers are on the increase. Looks like it’s time to get a laptop lock for Mlle G4.


One thought on “Laptop thefts on the rise in SF

  1. viji says:

    hi.. we had been to california for the lon gweekend…. we were at lombard street in SF…somebody broke into our car…got away with things worth 2000 dollars..including a saddest part is..we had saved about 2000 photos on the laptop..with no was a new one…dell inspiron….just bought it a few months back.. how can ppl be so cruel….i am thankful to god tht..we didnt see it happ…wht if the thief had some knife or a gun…we cud have been hurt badly….am still hoping to get somethings back…everytime i get a package….we had a lot of personal information on the laptop..n a lot of wonderful moments stored…..
    never leave anything visible in the car..learnt a lesson the hard way..we left our car for 10 minutes..we were only 20 feet away from it…also… our car was a pt cruiser…we have tro pay for the window also now…

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