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Powazek said it best

User Generated Content

Derek makes a great point. Of course, this point has been made before, only now we have an alternative phraseology (that no doubt will be corrupted all the same at some point): “authentic media“.

I dig it, but perhaps we could go a step further and make it totally off limits, calling it “amateur content”, in the nothing-is-worth-doing-unless-you-love-it kind of way.

Think about it this way: friends don’t let friends monetize friends. You’ve gotta be an amatuer to do it for something other than the benjamins. I mean, who wants to create “professional” content? Exactly.

Still, let’s use “authentic media” for now and see how it goes. And we can all be happy amateurs creating authentic media together.


7 thoughts on “Powazek said it best

  1. yeah, that’s fine in our own domains, but when mainstream media outlets start to *leverage* our content, we need a micro-cut of the pie. if not, power structures will stay the same. i’m not down with that.

  2. simple.

    build kickass aggregation and distribution models that leverage mainstream content *and* authentic media with a shared advertising model. something that is sustainable and pulls a critical mass audience that *makes* the mainstream shift paradigms.

    like newsvine.

    if you post there, you get a default 90% return on the CPM advertising revenue for the page. that’s residual cash. then, for every referral you make to the service, you receive a 10% cut of the next “reporter’s” advertising revenue.

    if we keep our eyes on the business and revenue angle — just as much as we focus on tagging, social apps, “authentic media” opportunities, etc. – -we’ll flip this power structure in no time flat.

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