I’ve created the category to capture stream-of-conscious thoughts as they happen. In fact, I intend to start blogging more from my Crackberry. We’ll see how this goes. It’ll be different from Untitled, unfinished, incomplete as that category is reserved more for “public drafts”… stuff I never completed, had intended to, but will probably never get back to again.

You can find out more about Tumblelogs at the blog or at project.ioni.st.

Oh, and I’ll be titling all Tumblelog posts ‘—‘ (like this) … which will probably piss off you feed reader readers, but hey, I make up the rules around here. So there! :P~


Author: Chris Messina

Product guy, friend to startups, inventor of the hashtag, proponent of bots and conversational apps; Xoogler and X Uber.

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