Skip the Profilactic, get the real thing

You might have noticed that a new identity aggregator is in the throes of launching. Essentially a mashup of Suprglu and ClaimID, it’s starting to get at the Rhyzomatic idea I posted awhile ago. Well heck, just push for single sign-on and this kind of service would be rendered irrelevant.

Author: Chris Messina

Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: (YC W18), Uber, Google.

7 thoughts on “Skip the Profilactic, get the real thing”

  1. Profilactic is not just about pulling all of your profile links together. That by itself isn’t very interesting.

    And while there are elements of Suprglu and ClaimID, it definitely isn’t a clone of either one.

    We hope to have a beta live in a few weeks, so you can see for yourself.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Harrison, but actually, no, it doesn’t. Spokeo is no better than Iceflake or Profilactic. You don’t support XFN, you don’t support ClaimID and frankly, I’d rather keep those social networks separate.

    I mean, I get how you want to be “Trillian for social networks” but what keeps them from being connected are not proprietary protocols… it’s the people. And unless you come up with a way to reconcile and sync profiles from one social network to another, I simply don’t see how you’re helping me interact with people online in a way that reflects my understanding of them as real, multi-faceted people!

  3. Chris, I agree with what you’re saying… but I applaud anyone who’s giving a shot to the solution, perfect for otherwise.

  4. I take your point. And you’re right, the more the merrier! As long as people take into consideration past attemtps and either learn or ignore them, but ultimately make a choice one way or another, I’m usually fairly content.

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