Change is good

oink. moo. yup.

In case you missed it (and I don’t really blog too much about personal stuff much, but it’s okay to be a little human once and again), Tara and Riya have bid each other their farewells and both are moving on to the next chapters of their storied Web 2.0 lives. Not unlike a certain fella you may know. Hmmh. Funny, n’est-ce pas?

We also packed up most of my stuff from Teh Langpad this weekend and moved it over to Tara’s place where I’ve pretty much been livin’ anyway. But yeah. Ho boy.

And, as you know, Teh Space is off and running. Like, a real workspace (but it’s still not the same as finally having something of a home). But still.

Oh, and tomorrow I leave for France until Sunday. Yowza.

And did I mention Picoformats (shuddup, yes I am serious)?

Comrade TaraWell, anyway, this whole post is really about Tara and how brave she is to be going out on her own in all this. There’s a lot that she has to figure out, but even more opportunity that she needs to figure out how to make the most of it… I’m proud to be her PiC and to watch eagerly as she ponders her next steps and where she’ll lead the Pinko Brigades from this point onward.

I’ll tell you one thing, it only gets more interesting from here.

Teh Space kick off meeting tonight

Schlomo's pad

In case you’ve been following the work that we’ve been doing on coworking at Teh Space, we’ve finally found a place in dogpatch over at Schlomo’s pad at 801 Minnesota!

So tonight we’re having a kick-off meeting to get things going. We’ll talk about governance, the organization of the space, who’s going to serve as the initial anchors and how the heck we’re going to pay for it. Things should start at 6:30pm and if you can’t make it, no worries, we’ll post a summary on the wiki and mailing list and keep the discussion going beyond tonight’s initial kick-off.

→ Oh, and if you definitely want in, please make sure to add your desired time allotment to the wiki!

P.S. David Crow, do your homework and get out your business plan! The Innovation Commons is counting on you!

The state of the cowork


I have to make this quick. But I promised to get it out and it’s a good time to jot down a note or two about the State of the Cowork.

We had a meeting last week at Ritual with two new arrivals: Michelle and Wai Yip. That’s from a total of 81 members on our nascent Google Group.

We floated three courses of action:

  1. Pursue Ted‘s upholstery repair shop discovery
  2. Follow up with Schlomo about his place
  3. Look into the American Industrial Center down in dogpatch

…and at the very least set a course to do more research on AIS — resulting in this video from Ryanne and Michelle.

Coworking Vancouver -- aka WorkspaceInterestingly, much of what Ryanne says maps identically to what Bill MacEwan of Vancouver’s Workspace says in this video — which happens to coincide with some excellent photos of their newly renovated space on 21 Water St in Gastown.

So, this is where we’re at: We’ve got more information about AIS and it’s looking promising. It’s possibly not ideal in every respect (not streetfront, for one thing) but the space is pretty excellent in general and seems affordable for our needs. Riya is also donating furniture to our effort and, wouldn’t you know it, David Crow of Torcamp fame and Teh Boris of Vancouver’s Bryght have cooked up a business plan that’s nearly ready for publishing under CC license. Oh, and it’s no accident that Boris has decided to push forward with an independent Innovation Commons in Vancouver separate from Workspace.

Anyway, once that plan is out, we can start tossing in the numbers from our potential spots here in San Francisco and see what adds up… what kind of infrastructure we need, how many people we can support and what extra money we need to beg for… just kidding. But yeah, we’re close, we’re hungry and dammit, we’re goin’ to get Teh Space up this summer.

And apparently yet another person out there on the intarweb has a similar idea in Atlantic Canada. Those crazy Canadians…!

Out of Towner Meetup: Teh Boris & ClaimID

Everyone’s favorite hand waver, Boris Mann of Bryght is here as well and Fred Stutzman and Terrell Russell of ClaimID for Startup School and IIW and are huuuuungry!

It’s last minute, I know, but if you can make it to tonight’s Out of Towner at Osha Thai at 7:30pm you can expect some great food and very captivating conversation!


  • Identity 2.0
  • Drupal
  • Microformats
  • NP Tech
  • Coworking
  • Open source
  • …other yadda yadda!

Ok, c u there. Kbai!

Jelly: the gateway drug to coworking


Amit‘s effort to open up House 2.0 for a type of new work (which he calls “Jelly” and smacks of SuperHappyDevHouse meeting Coworking) is heating up…

He writes:

We had another Jelly today and we’ve really started to hit a good stride with it. Today’s crew included me, Luke, JCN, Joshua, and Jackie. We got work done, had lunch outside at Bryant Park a block away, and had some great conversations.

If you’ve been thinking about it but just haven’t stopped by, it’s time. Email me to get on the list. The next one will be even better.

p.s. If you’re new to Jelly, this background may help. Basically, it’s a day when we open our doors to anyone who wants to come and work at our home. We provide internet, power, comfy couches, and tables. You bring a laptop and something to work on (tech-related or not). Enjoyable conversations take place, and work gets done. Great for freelancers, and refreshing for those who work in an office; it’s good all around.

p.p.s. Logo by Brian Massey, via Sketch-It, via Photojojo

I’ve been meaning to post an update on Coworking San Francisco (aka Teh Space) for some time and this provides yet another example of independents finding ways of supporting each other’s work.

This makes me wonder… perhaps in the interim before we find our permanent space in the city (we’ve already got a bunch of candidates and are following up with a number of them), maybe we could shack up with each other, one day at a time, wherever we’re used to working. At least in that sense we’ll be “coworking” and finding more time to congregate to plan teh actual space.

Hmm? How’s that sound? Roundrobin coworking?

PBWiki hits 50,000 wikis

50K Wikis!Hometown hero (created by a small team of folks lead by David Weekly of fame) has hit 50,000 PBWikis (what’s a PBwiki?).

You’ll note that almost all the wikis that I use today are PBWikis: Barcamp, Munified, Coworking, CivicForge, Mash Pit and the new Micro Microformats wiki.

Why? Ease of use, simplicity, speed… and the right subset of features and a simple interaction model. It feels solid. It looks good. It does what I want it to do (I’m also watching Stikipad as it offers Textile).

And now it looks like I’ll even be getting to do some work for the team on some upcoming usability and design tasks. Not to mention microformats integration. Nice.

Bonus: So I’m curious — what features do you look for in a wiki? What’s missing from your experience? Essentially, if you ever had a wiki feature request that you’re dying for (or something you never want to see in a wiki again), what would you say?

Coworking, the vidcast

Coworking previewUber-vixen-vlogger Ryanne has posted an interview that she and Jay did of us giving the low down on where we’re at with getting a San Francisco-based Coworking space off the ground.

We’ve tentatively decided to call our first location (we’re currently scouting for locations of around 3000 sq feet — hint hint!) Teh Space.

If you’re interesting in getting involved and pitching in — money, ideas, space, time, effort and so forth — drop in on the wiki or join the mailing list.

CampCamp BOF tonight @ 8pm at ETech

So I decided last minute to stage a “metacamp” (maybe Andy’s right but the party goes on). Basically a bunch of us are going to meet up down the hall from the mini Maker Faire at 8pm in the Elizabeth Ballroom area (@ ETech) and talk Bar. Maybe even some Foo. Heh.

Anyway, topics I’d like to hit on: The State of the Bar, Lessons learned thus far, tactics for Spreading Bar Camp, and maybe even get in a little Coworking talk.

Right after that, we’re all gunna head over to Caskhacks to continue the discussion… and get the party going (though of course it’s not quite a party unless Miss Rogue is there… which she will be for this Friday’s Bar Camp Austin!).