Microformats in Drupal group formed

Drupal + Microformats (by factoryjoe)In a very promising step, it looks like that venerable CMF Drupal is beginning to take on the process of becoming microformatted with the creation of the Microformats in Drupal group.

The original use of microformats came in the Upcoming.org module (I believe) but now it seems clear that there are many more places throughout Drupal that could benefit from microformats, including on the content creation side.

With word that OpenID support will be added to Drupal Core in version 6 (a module is already available for 4.7), if we see the addition of hcard for profiles and XFN for representing social relationships in Drupal, we may finally be moving towards a more decentralized, open-source network of socially adept web properties.

Events that you should be at

In Valleywag style, here are events that you should go to (though no, sorry, they’re not all Valley-centric):

Add these to your calendar.

Out of Towner Meetup: Teh Boris & ClaimID

Everyone’s favorite hand waver, Boris Mann of Bryght is here as well and Fred Stutzman and Terrell Russell of ClaimID for Startup School and IIW and are huuuuungry!

It’s last minute, I know, but if you can make it to tonight’s Out of Towner at Osha Thai at 7:30pm you can expect some great food and very captivating conversation!


  • Identity 2.0
  • Drupal
  • Microformats
  • NP Tech
  • Coworking
  • Open source
  • …other yadda yadda!

Ok, c u there. Kbai!

Dries takes on the old guard

Dries, on meeting with the Flemish Radio- and Television Network (VRT), who will be using Drupal:

I’m going to tell them that traditional media has no choice but to move forward. I spent the last 5 years of my life developing software that enables individuals to publish and share content on the internet. Soon, amateur content providers will have very powerful tools to compete with traditional media. I’m going to tell them that we are reshaping the future of news, information and journalism, and that, if they want to avoid getting left behind, they have to position themselves at the forefront of citizen journalism, take part in it, and embrace new internet technologies.

Drupal Camp NYC is looking for a venue

Drupal Camp BoyAnother offshoot of Bar Camp, Drupal Camp is looking for a venue in NYC. As Amit can attest, finding a venue, especially in NYC, is the hardest part of organizing a camp.

So, if anyone has ideas for May 13-14Node 101 folks? — please let Noel know on the wiki. More details on their planning page.

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GoodStorm looking for a GoodDesigner

In case you were on the prowl for an important job doing open source interface and design work, boy have I got the opportunity for you.

GoodStorm (host of the meager FactoryCity store) is looking for a GoodDesigner to help improve their brand new open source store (which is built on Drupal).

Drop Marc) a note and tell him I sent you!

Found: Rainmaker for Hire

So my buddy Will Pate is lookin’ for a new challenge.

I’m moving on from Raincity Studios, because I’ve done my part in getting this startup off the ground and now it’s time for me to take on my next challenge. In just one year we’re now recognized as the best Drupal design firm in the world and one of the best web 2.0 professional services firms in the world. I hit over 170k worth of sales in 2005 and 230k already in the first quarter of 2006 (this could rise before I leave). We’ve almost tripled our staff to meet client demand.

As part experiment, part case study, I’m asking my friends in the blog world to give me some link love. The best opportunities will come from getting my name out there. Thanks in advance to everyone who helps out.

Web Marketing Prodigy and Sales Rainmaker Seeks Awesome Job | Will Pate