CivicSpace finds a sponsor, becomes magical

CivicSpace + CompumentorMeant to blog this yesterday, but you know how that goes.

Zack‘s full of big announcements this month over at CivicSpace, this time revealing that CompuMentor has assumed fiscal sponsorship of the 501c3 arm of CivicSpace (to complement CivicSpace, Inc., which provide hosted services a la Bryght).

So while his press release could use some Pinko Marketing love, I’ve gotta give him props for a great screencast of a project that’s been underway for sometime called Magic Groups (a mashup of Organic Groups and other Drupal modules). I’d love to use this for Barcamps and at it the CivicForge collection of tools.

So besides software announcements, I also discovered that they’re organizing something called Drupal Camp (in case you missed it in my asides). Less Barcamp, more seminar, but still worth checking out!

CivicSpace Announces Hosted Alpha Test

CivicSpace LogoMy buddy Zack Rosen over at CivicSpace Labs has announced an alpha testing period for hosted CivicSpace sites, along the lines of or Bryght. Back when I worked there, this was something that we spent much time discussing, and I’m thrilled to see this available:

Yes, that’s right, we are going to begin alpha testing a hosted CivicSpace service shortly. To say this has been a long time coming is quite the understatement. Three years, 30+ major software releases, thousands of sites, and the shared vision of thousands of supporters have gotten us to where we are today and have (hopefully) prepared us for this next giant leap forward.

The service will be similiar to Drupal hosting offered by Bryght but will provide the CivicSpace 0.8.3 Drupal distribution. In the future we hope to launch the ASP publicly as a low cost service for the non-profit & advocacy sector, but for now we are looking for a few brave CivicSpace community members to help us test it. Please fill out the form if you are interested in participating and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Go sign up!

Drupal Camp NYC is looking for a venue

Drupal Camp BoyAnother offshoot of Bar Camp, Drupal Camp is looking for a venue in NYC. As Amit can attest, finding a venue, especially in NYC, is the hardest part of organizing a camp.

So, if anyone has ideas for May 13-14Node 101 folks? — please let Noel know on the wiki. More details on their planning page.

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Moving on from CivicSpace

Round Two logoAfter much deliberation and careful consideration, I have decided to move on from CivicSpace.

Though there were many, many things that weighed in to my decision, the clincher came last week when I received an offer for a senior position within Round Two. The position puts me in a strategic position to advance the culture of open source as one of my duties will be to act as an ambassador of open source to other projects, organizations, officials and wider audiences, extending the work I started with Spread Firefox. I am very excited about this part of my duties as it will enable me to create allies and forge the kind of networks that open source will need to become the dominant development standard throughout the world (yes, big goals!).

Indeed, I see this new opportunity for me as both a necessary step forward for myself as well my work on CivicSpace. As such, I have every intention of maintaining a close relationship with CivicSpace and making sure that my work will continue to benefit the CivicSpace and Drupal communities.

It’s truly been a privilege to work for CivicSpace and to have made as many good friends as I have. I continue to believe that the CivicSpace concept will continue to grow, mature and empower communities the world over.