Kicking off 2008 with a themeword

#themewordAt Lifecamp on Monday, (incidentally held at Tantek’s Port Zero) we had a session where the small group of us brainstormed what Erica Douglass called “theme words” that might help us focus our goals for 2008.

Erica’s theme word for 2008 is “connect”. Mine is “” (in all its meanings). Alex Hillman’s is “growth”.

Now, this is a pretty simple exercise and a good way to kick off the New Year. What’s most interesting about this, however, is that we were able to extend participation by constructing a hashtag-based meme on Twitter. It started simply enough:

Twitter / Mr Messina: My thematic word for 2008: ...

The response that has followed has been pretty incredible, and demonstrates the value of using community-driven hashtags to both generate and (using

Now, you obviously don’t have to use Twitter to participate; you can simply blog your own themeword and tag it with “themeword” or you could just write it down for yourself, and check back in at the end of the year and reflect on whether you stuck to your theme.

Either way, I’m already starting to see how “conduct” is a good word for me in 2008! What’s yours?